Meet Duffy the Sea Turtle in Duffy’s Lucky Escape as she eats the wrong type of jellyfish, Marli the Puffin in Marli’s Tangled Tale who gets more than she bargained for whilst hunting for food and Nelson the Whale in Nelson’s Dangerous Dive whose curiosity leads him to a ghostly encounter.

Buddy the Orangutan from Buddy's Rainforest Rescue needs help from kind people in his rainforest home whilst Hunter the Polar Bear in Hunter's Icy Adventure gets trapped high above due to melting sea ice.

The Wild Tribe Heroes books are a little different from your normal children’s book.  Not only are they great children’s books in their own right but there is also a powerful message behind each story that is passed on in a gentle way. Children and adults alike will love these books and feel inspired to make positive changes to their own lives and their communities.