About the Author


Ellie Jackson lives by the sea in Looe, Cornwall and is a mother of four young children, a teacher and now a passionate environmental children’s author!

Her journey as a writer began during her time living on Magnetic Island in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. It was there that she and her family witnessed the heartwarming release of a turtle named Duffy back into the ocean after a year-long treatment for ingesting plastic. “The sight of this magnificent creature being set free captivated me and my children,” Ellie recalls. 

Inspired by their experience, they visited a turtle hospital on the mainland to learn more. This encounter sparked a connection between plastic pollution and the well-being of sea turtles and other marine life. Ellie’s children were motivated to make a difference by picking up litter from beaches, aiming to protect turtles and the ocean ecosystem.

With this vision in mind, Ellie embarked on her writing journey, creating engaging stories that gently convey important messages about protecting and preserving our planet. Her mission is to inspire children and young people to love our planet, empowering them to make positive changes in their own lives and communities.

Through her books, Ellie hopes to instill a sense of wonder and responsibility for the natural world, encouraging young readers to take action and contribute towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

Ellie’s dedication to raising environmental awareness and educating the next generation about the importance of preserving our planet shines through her captivating stories. Her books are not only a delight to read but also an empowering call to action for children and adults alike.

Join Ellie on this incredible journey, where the power of storytelling meets the urgent need to protect our environment for generations to come.

About the Illustrators

Liz Oldmeadow

Liz Oldmeadow illustrated Duffy’s Lucky Escape and is a multi award winning illustrator and photographer from Port Stephens, a coastal town in NSW, Australia. Liz has always felt a deep connection to the environment and completed a Bachelor of Natural History Illustration at the University of Newcastle in 2007. Liz has been working as an illustrator and photographer for more than 10 years, drawing inspiration from Australian wildlife and landscapes.

You can follow Liz on Instagram @lizoldmeadow, Facebook @lizoldmeadowPhotographyandArt or on her website www.lizoldmeadowphotography.com and she is available for commissioned work.

Laura Callwood

Laura Callwood is a self taught artist and mother of two boys living in Cornwall and she has had a passion for art from a very young age, enjoying all mediums and styles of painting and drawing. Laura began working professionally in portraiture after the birth of her eldest son 8 years ago but has been working in illustration in more recent years. Laura finds great inspiration in nature, from the wild and windy moors to the beautiful coastal landscapes near her home. Illustration enables Laura to express herself whilst conveying vital messages about the importance of looking after our environment. With illustration this can be done in a gentle and thoughtful way that is easy for children to understand.

You can follow Laura on Instagram @lauracallwood_art or Facebook @lauracallwoodillustration and she is available for commissioned work.


About Us

Whilst living in Australia, Liz and Ellie became friends at a mother’s group when their sons were babies. A chance discussion over coffee led them to combine their talents and after much hard work and juggling of children, Duffy’s message was ready to be shared.

Ellie moved back to the UK in 2017 and Liz was no longer able to work on the books due to her growing family. Ellie posted a message on a local facebook group asking for illustrators with a similar style to Liz. This style was important to Ellie as her great great grandfather was a famous naturalist in the early 1900’s, writing and illustrating books about birds, butterflies and exotic animals in incredible scientific detail. Growing up surrounded by his artwork and books, Ellie knew that she wanted a very true to life style in her books.

Laura Callwood sent over her initial sketches of a puffin and Ellie knew Laura could continue in the beautiful style of the first book.  It was important to Ellie that Laura was also a mum of young children as well as living locally in Cornwall and over the past few years we have worked on a great collaborative style where Laura has transformed Ellie’s scribbles and sketches into stunning artwork and brought the new books to life.