Meet The Wild Tribe Heroes!

The Bestselling Children’s Book Series On Plastic Pollution, Climate Change & Habitat Loss

Duffy the Sea Turtle, Marli the Puffin, Nelson the Whale, Buddy the Orangutan, Hunter the Polar Bear, Sunny the Koala and Ziggy the Bee are all Wild Tribe Heroes.

Read their TRUE and gentle stories to teach children about these environmental issues in a positive and inspiring way with happy endings and ideas for the future.

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The Wild Tribe Heroes books are a collection of gentle and engaging true stories about animals that find themselves in trouble when their lives are affected by plastic pollution, climate change or habitat loss. Follow each one of our heroes to see what happens, how they are saved and what you can do to help them!

Duffy’s Lucky Escape!

Duffy’s Lucky Escape transports you to the tropical paradise where Duffy the Sea Turtle lives amongst beautiful corals and fish only for her to learn that all that floats is not food. As time is running out for Duffy she has a lucky escape when kind people step in to save the day! read more…

Message of story: Ocean Plastics, Animal Rescue, Turtle Hospital, Marine Pollution, Beach Release

Marli’s Tangled Tale

Marli’s Tangled Tale takes you to the cool, green cliffs where Marli the Puffin is looking after her egg until one day the excitement of the town visits in an unexpected way. As hope starts to fade her tangled tale takes a twist just in time for the surprise waiting for her back home! read more…

Message of story: Ocean Plastics, Balloon Release, Wildlife Rescue, Marine Pollution, Beach Clean

Nelson’s Dangerous Dive

Nelson’s Dangerous Dive explores deep underwater with Nelson the Whale where he discovers a hidden shipwreck and learns that what lurks below may not let you go. As he desperately signals for help, luck is on his side as a group of brave tourists give him the break he needs! read more…

Message of story: Ocean Plastics, Ghost Fishing Nets, Whale, Animal Rescue, Marine Pollution

Buddy’s Rainforest Rescue

Buddy the Orangutan lives happily in the tangle of tall trees when he suddenly encounters the diggers destroying his magnificent rainforest home. Brave Buddy gets more than he bargained for and needs help from his rescuers to ensure a happy ending. read more…

Message of story: Rainforest deforestation, Palm oil, Orangutan, Wildlife Rescue

Hunter’s Icy Adventure

Hunter the Polar Bear lives happily in his frozen Arctic home yet as the ice starts to melt he finds himself in a tricky situation. As help comes from high above him, Hunter is in a race against time to get back to the ice. read more…

Message of story: Climate Change, Polar Bears, Wildlife Rescue

Sunny’s Blazing Battle

Sunny’s Blazing Battle takes you to the heat of the Australian bush when a sudden fire threatens Sunny the Koala and her treetop home. Brave firefighters and kind people battle to save the little koalas before they feel safe at last.

Message of story: Bush Fires, Climate Change, Wildlife Rescue

Ziggy’s Frightening Flight


Ziggy’s Frightening Flight sees Ziggy the honey bee happily buzzing from flower to flower, yet as time goes on she realises the flowers she loves are making her sick. Can the farmer and his children save the bees before it is too late? A positive, inspiring, beautifully illustrated story based on real events about the problem of habitat loss with a happy ending, facts about bees and ideas for the future.

Message of story: Habitat Loss, Save the Bees, Wildlife Rescue

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Wild Tribe Heroes In The Media

The impact of the Wild Tribe Heroes books on the education of children has been reported on in print and television by BBC TV and Radio, ITV News, Huffington Post, The Guardian, Mail on Sunday, Metro, Western Telegraph and The Cornish Times, as well as international podcasts and independent websites. Ellie Jackson has also received personal letters of support from Sir David Attenborough and King Charles congratulating her on the books and wishing her success.

Supporting Charities

Wild Tribe Heroes is a supporter of national marine charities Surfers Against Sewage, 2 Minute Beach Clean, The Eden Project and Fathoms Free. Each of these charities has a dedicated mission to raise awareness and improve education to highlight the dangers of plastic in our oceans. They provide free resources and organise beach cleans around the UK. For more information on how to join a beach clean or to find out how you can support them please see our Resources page.