Meet the Wild Tribe Heroes!


Wild Tribe Heroes are a collection of gentle engaging true stories about animals that find themselves in trouble when their lives are affected by humans. Follow each one of our heroes to see what happens, how they are saved and what you can do to help them!

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Meet Duffy the Sea Turtle in Duffy’s Lucky Escape as she eats the wrong type of jellyfish or Marli the Puffin in Marli’s Tangled Tale who gets more than she bargained for whilst hunting for food.  Learn what happens to them, what caused it and what can be done to change it.  Children and adults alike will love these books.

Wild Tribe Heroes is a little different from your normal children’s book.  Not only are they great children’s books in their own right but there is also a powerful message behind each story passed on in a gentle way.

Duffy’s Lucky Escape!


Duffy will transport you to the tropical paradise where she lives amongst beautiful corals and fish only for her to learn that all that floats is not food. As time is running out Duffy has a lucky escape when kind people step in to save the day!

Message of story:  Ocean Plastics, Wildlife Rescue, Turtle Hospital, Marine Pollution, Beach Release

Marli’s Tangled Tale


Marli lives happily on the cool and green cliffs with her soon to hatch egg until one day the excitement of the far away town visits in an unexpected way. As hope starts to fade her tangled tale takes a twist just in time for the surprise waiting for her back at home!

Message of story:  Balloon Releases, Wildlife Rescue, Wildlife Sanctuary, Ocean Plastics, Marine Pollution, Beach Cleans

Make a difference


Children just seem to get the message behind the story without it having to be explained to them.  It is is great to see as a parent or teacher and it’s even better for the environment, knowing that your Wild Tribe Hero will be making the right decisions for the future.

With suggestions for the future and ways in which children can help today, the sentiment of the story lasts long after the book has been put down.

Being part of the growing Wild Tribe Heroes is an exciting way to get your child clued up and involved in a powerful global movement that is happening all around them. Engaging, beautifully illustrated stories will take your little Wild Tribe Hero on an exciting adventure with some of our most loved animals.